PMGI Graduates Give Advice on Mastering Project Management


Everyone approaches academic work differently; however, the common view from our students is that the PMGI, Mastery in Applying Project Management (MAPM) programme is the most rigorous and in-depth project management course locally.   The experience is like a real world project with all its critical paths, forced deadlines, diverse team, and scope and budget constraints. While we try to prepare you, it’s often more helpful to get advice from alums. They have ‘been there, done that’, they have experienced your pain, and they’re here to help.

Here’s advice from Joan Jonas (MAPM 2015) and Ryan McPherson (MAPM Overall Highest Achiever 2016; and Member of Super Team) on how to ace the MAPM from day one, and how to make the most of this life changing journey – the PMGI, Mastery in Applying Project Management certificate programme:


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