The Project Manager’s overarching responsibility is to lead the delivery of the organization’s strategic projects via engagement of cross-functional teams with focus on people, process and technology.

Core Functions

· Implement standardization in the project execution process by developing a methodology based on proven best practices and established standards

· Defining objectives, scope, schedule and ground rules for projects/initiatives

· Organizing and leading project status and working meetings; preparing and disseminating progress reports;

· Organizing work execution in accordance with objectives of projects/initiatives

· Employing problem solving tactics to address issues and impediments that arise

· Define process and product quality metrics and monitor progress

· Develop strategies for achieving successful and timely delivery of projects

· Identify and monitor project risks

· Estimate and monitor project budget

· Acquire technical and human resources needed to meet objectives

· Establish and plan key milestones to guide scheduling of detailed activities.

· Set-up communication cadence and dynamics with internal and external stakeholders

· Plan and facilitate kick-off and closure activities.

Support execution teams to maintain a positive team dynamic and experience via:-

· Facilitating team building to ensure that each team member is fully engaged in the project/initiative and making a meaningful contribution, identifying challenges and identify solutions to resolve.

· Create an environment to facilitate constructive two-way feedback.

· Assist in fostering buy-in and support for objectives and overcoming barriers to project success.

• Effectively communicating to all stakeholders on progress and facilitate

their involvement and input

• Keep teams focused on the project goals, consistently engendering a sense of ownership for delivering value


· Authorize payments for project expenses according to approved budget.

· Obtain human and technical resources upon approval of project

Performance Criteria:

· Overall success of projects as measured by defined and agreed metrics and measurements related to value delivery.

Qualifications and Experience:

· Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems, Business or related field.

· A minimum of three years’ experience in managing projects; at least 2 years’ experience with Technology projects would be an asset

· Project Management Training

· Project Management Certification would be an asset